Lov’Entreprendre is an endowment fund that supports those willing to create or retake a business in the French region of Drôme-Ardèche.

In partnership with the IUT of Valence (Universitary Institute of Technology), Lov’Entreprendre accompanies aspiring entrepreneurs in their efforts and allows them to carry out their projects.

Lov’Entreprendre is directed at all entrepreneurs regardless of age or nature of projects. Projects are selected based on their viability and their potential for job creation in the territory.

Multi-level action to boost entrepreneurship and employment in Drôme-Ardèche :

  • Financial support for creators and business acquirers : honour loans (unsecured and interest-free), grants and student scholarships
  • Funding of trainings dedicated to the creation and takeover of businesses
  • Assistance, advice and sponsorship

Simple and accessible scheme:

  • Application : project presentation and questionnaire
  • Interview : assessment of the project’s viability
  • Accompanying proposals
  • Support and follow-up

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